Deep Tissue Massage is available with membership.  Other services listed are priced outside of
our membership programs.   Please note that sessions may be therapist specific.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage       60 minutes   $90
Deep muscle body work utilizes cross-fiber friction, trigger point therapy and medical massage
techniques to mobilize tissue contracted from injury or overuse.  These massage strokes allow
the therapist to go deeper into the affected muscles to increase circulation and flexibility and
decrease pain.  Recommended if you want deep pressure used throughout the massage.    
30 minutes $60;      45 minutes $75;      75 minutes $105;      90 minutes $140;
*Series of 3 (180 minutes total) $240   *
Valid 6 months  

Myofascial Release      60 minutes   $100
Fascia is a tough connective tissue spreading out throughout the body in a 3-dimensional web
from head to feet without interruption.  In a normal healthy state, fascia is relaxed and wavy in
configuration, stretching and moving without restriction.  When physical trauma or inflammation is
experienced the fascia loses flexibility and becomes very tight causing pain, headaches, and/or
lack of motion.   Falls, whiplash, surgery, or just habitual poor posture over time has a cumulative
effect which you feel in discomfort.  Using a multitude of Myofascial Release techniques and
movement therapy, the goal is to restore freedom of movement for a pain free, active
lifestyle.         30 minutes $60;     60 minutes $100;     90 minutes $150
Sessions available with  Lynn Darvill LMT,CST MA36523; Pam Leonard, LMT  MA28152, Lisa Wieczorek LMT MA21717

Lymph Drainage    50 minutes $80
Lymphatic Drainage is a type of gentle massage intended to encourage the natural drainage of
the lymph from the tissues space body. The lymph system depends on intrinsic contractions of
the smooth muscle cells in the walls of lymph vessels (peristalsis) and the movement of skeletal
muscles to propel lymph through the vessels to lymph nodes and then beyond the lymph nodes
to the lymph ducts which return lymph to the cardiovascular system. This modality uses a specific
amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow.  
Sessions available with  Debbie Pass MA34090; Pam Leonard, LMT MA28152

Cranial Sacral Therapy   (CST)
CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological
body system called the craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal
fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord.   Using a soft touch generally no greater
than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral
system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system.   
CST therapists:  Debbie Pass, LMT,
Lynn Darvill LMT,CST MA36523, Pam Leonard, LMT MA28152
60 Minute Session:  $100     
90 minute Session (may include specific Deep Tissue with Cranial Sacral Therapy) $150

By complementing the body's natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a
preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and is effective for a
wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction, including:
Migraine Headaches
Chronic Neck and Back Pain
Motor-Coordination Impairments
Central Nervous System Disorders
Orthopedic Problems
Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries
Infantile Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Chronic Fatigue
Emotional Difficulties
Stress and Tension-Related Problems
Fibromyalgia and other Connective-Tissue Disorders
Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)
Neurovascular or Immune Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Post-Surgical Dysfunction

Reiki      60 minutes $75        4 Hand Reiki  60 minutes $105
Relieve stress, relax and re-energize with this gentle Japanese energy technique that
brings energy into the body and rebalances.  Helps emotional and physical healing.  A treat
for your body, mind and spirit.  
Sessions available with May Eaton MA45863; Lisa Wieczorek MA21717, Surah  
MA38269, Chris Neal MA21600,

Structural Energetic Therapy ®  (SET)        
“Rehabilitation from pain – acute & chronic.”   Are you ready to feel better?   
Cranial/Structural therapy combined with deep tissue bodywork to help your body re-balance and
be pain free.   Toxins and fluids in the muscles, inflammation, Myofascial holding patterns, scar
tissue and adhesions are all released to reduce pain.  A total structural re-balancing brings relief
to many soft-tissue related conditions.  Two - 90 minute sessions suggested.   Conditions helped
by SET include Scoliosis, Neck-Back-Shoulder Pain, Whiplash, Headaches, Herniated, Bulging
Discs, Tendonitis, Arthritis, TMJ, Strains and Muscle Pulls, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and more.   
Sessions with Lisa Koltun, LMT MA45471
Cranial/Structural Release with Head/Neck/Shoulders (90 Minutes)  $130
Cranial/Structural Release with Pelvic Balancing (90 Minutes)  $130
Cranial Release (20-30 Minutes)   $50
Lower Body Session: SET Pelvic Balancing 60 Minutes  $100
Upper Body Session: SET H/N/S (Head/Neck/Shoulders)  60 Minutes  $100
Structural Energetic Therapy Explained via YouTube

"Thank you so very much for the best and deepest massage I've ever received yesterday!  
The SET massage with pelvic balancing for someone in chronic pain with lumbar issues and herniated disks was
extremely therapeutic and, amazingly, pain relieving for me.  I deeply appreciate your help.  I felt better than I
had in a very long time.    I can't wait to tell everyone I know about this specific massage and book the SET H/N/S
for myself!   Namaste",  L.R.  1/17/2012

Senior Massage     60 minutes   $75
A unique massage session for Seniors or those with special needs including Dementia.  Provides
the healthy benefits of touch in a safe and appropriate session with compassionate care.  
Respect of the client is foremost with chronic ailments and emotional states taken into
consideration.   A slow, relaxing, nurturing treatment with use of safe strokes focused on the
individual contributes to a feeling of wholeness, being cared for and recognition of being

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