MASSAGE IS GOOD FOR YOU!    There are many important health benefits associated with
massage and getting a massage on a regular basis enhances the benefits over time.  Many
"Massage Membership" to keep this service affordable.  The terms are simple.  
Your credit card is billed monthly for one service ~ entitling you to one service per month.  You
may purchase additional massage services for yourself or family at your 20% discounted rate
during your membership.  No long-term contracts, you may cancel anytime and discontinue
billing, but once billed we are unable to refund your credit card.  Not valid for the purchase of a
single-service Gift Certificate, but you may purchase the ultimate gift ~ a Massage Membership!

Membership Monthly Costs ~   
Our sessions are a full 60 or 90 minutes in length.          

60 minute Swedish/Firm Massage Membership  $64   Include tip, $80
60 minute Deep Tissue Massage Membership $72   Include tip, $90

*60 minute Exceptional Massage Membership $92
includes hot, steamy towels, essential oils and tip to therapist

90 minute Swedish/Firm Massage Membership  $96  
90 minute Deep Tissue Massage Membership $112   

*90 minute Exceptional Massage Membership $132
includes hot, steamy towels, essential oils and tip to therapist

Sign up HERE for your Monthly Massage Membership

Facial Memberships - A luxurious facial treatment designed to help you feel more relaxed
and refreshed.  Includes Skin Analysis, Cleansing,  Exfoliation, Facial Massage, Extractions (if
needed), Mask and Moisturizer.   We recommend one facial every 4 weeks to help keep your
skin youthful and in perfection!  Featuring Image Skincare products ... $68 monthly auto-billed
to credit card gives you a monthly 60-minute
 Spa Facial + 15% off additional Facial Services.

Sign up here  for Facial Membership.   

No Long-Term Contracts!       No Obligations!      Just Great Services!

Any questions, call us!  (561) 745 2662   
* "Spa Specials" and "Therapeutic Massages" are excluded from Memberships.  

Chronic pain is a silent epidemic inflicting more than 100 million Americans, affecting the entire
person, including physical, social and emotional well-being.  It is medically associated with
depression, anxiety and sleep disturbances.  Massage helps to break the cycles of discomfort
that pain can initiate, and establish sounder body/mind connections that maintain physical,
mental and emotional well being – especially when it is a part of you wellness routine.   Some of
the health benefits of massage include:
•        Calms the nervous system
•        Promotes a sense of relaxation and well being
•        Reduces tension and anxiety
•        Improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells
•        Stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away waste products
(this is why it is good to drink extra water after massage)
•        Prevents and relieves muscles cramps and spasms
•        Helps with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms, etc.

Taking care of your physical and spiritual body is crucial to pain management.  Massage is
complementary to modern medicine, and is no longer viewed as alternative.  Massage is now
part of the mainstream in your well-being.  

Note:   You should NOT get a massage if you have a cold, fever, infections or certain other medical conditions.

Testimonies: Please post yours on Facebook, Yelp, or any Social Media site of your choice, or if you'd like to
see yours here, please email to:  

..."I actually wanted to send a note your way letting you know about my experience with Surah. I suffer chronic
long term lower back pain. I came into your business (which is beautiful and relaxing inside, btw) to get some
relief. Without exaggeration, after Surah worked on me, I was pain free for the rest of the day! It is obvious she
is skilled and knows her craft. It was truly a perfect massage. I will definitely be returning soon!  Much Thanks

Hi Lisa,
You know I have been coming there for a very along long time . I never thought of writing to you about the
amazing work you and your staff are doing at your place. I also want to thank you and Mary for accommodating
me every time when ever I am here in FL for two days or two months.Thank you ,Thank you so much the
wonderful massages I have been receiving.   Since I have been coming there I had few of the therapists like
Eniko,Rebecca, Surah, Amanda and Pam among others. They all are amazing and great professionals.   I
want to say special thank you to you for recommending Myofascial Release instead of the deep tissue/firm
massages I was getting all these years. This past month I was very lucky to get PAM for my therapy sections .
She is wonderful, compassionate, patient and above all very much a professional.   A special thank you to Ms.
Pam.   I am leaving for now but I am hoping to be back home soon and hope to see you all then. God bless
you and your staff .   ~Mary

"Lisa, my husband and I have had a massage membership with Jupiter Farms Massage. Rebecca and
May have changed the quality of our lives with their professional work and compassionate care. We
wanted to thank you for providing such a great service for Jupiter Farms". Carol and Dan  

"Thank you so very much for the best and deepest massage I've ever received yesterday!  
The SET massage with pelvic balancing for someone in chronic pain with lumbar issues and herniated disks
was extremely therapeutic and, amazingly, pain relieving for me.  I deeply appreciate your help.  I felt better
than I had in a very long time.    I can't wait to tell everyone I know about this specific massage and book the
SET H/N/S for myself!   Namaste",  L.R.  

"She made me feel like I was on another planet.  She's amazing"  Jessica A.

"Hi Lisa, I received a massage from Rebecca last Tuesday and it was one of the best massages I've ever had!  
I just wanted to let you know that."Jolene  

"It is one of the best massage I have had and the atmosphere is more like a sanctuary...A well needed break
from the stressful everyday life.  It is probably the most appreciated gift one could give.   Maja M.

"... Jupiter Farms Massage is, by far, the best massage experience that we have had since moving to Florida."   

"My name is Paul S. and I am a client of JF Massage. I have had several one hour massages at your facility
and have had countless massages while traveling and other areas in the county. I recently received a massage
at JF Massage and just wanted to let your business know it was without doubt the best massage I have
experienced. I thank you and look forward to future business with JF Massage."

"Lisa,  Thanks for the best message I've had in a long time.  I felt great yesterday after the session with you.  
Thank you, Michael"

"I LOVE MY NEW ROCK LAMP!!!!!!!!!!!  And actually am glad you didn’t have a pyramid.  This one was meant for
ME.  Thanks for helping me release the frustration and tension today.  You and your place are very special."  
Scott W.

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful massage.  If you recall my right thumb kept popping and it was very
painful.  I inquired as to how I could fix it, (someone had originally told me to get cortisone shorts) but you
looked at it and we made an appointment for the following day.  After an hour massage was performed, my
thumb was almost in working order and as the next couple days went by and I followed all your instructions, I
am no longer having any pain or popping.  Thank you so much for all your help and patience.
Darlene S.

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