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Facial Memberships available

Spa Facial     60 minutes  $80     90 minutes $120   
A luxurious facial treatment designed to help you feel more relaxed
and refreshed.  Includes Skin Analysis, Cleansing,  Exfoliation, Facial Massage,
Extractions (if needed), Mask and Moisturizer.   We recommend one facial every 4 weeks
to help keep your skin youthful and in perfection!     
Add Glycolic wash (75 minutes total) $120     
Glycolic wash without facial
(30 minutes) $55
More about Glycolic wash:  For clear, healthy looking and
well toned skin consider a Glycolic Wash.  It provides a wide
array of benefits for varying degrees of skin problems.  
It will help soothe and mellow skin with acne or very oily skin
by regulating the PH balance and helping to clear up the skin.  Dry skin finds this wash will
help hold moisturizers better.  It is also great for anti-aging as it helps to reduce the look of
fine lines & wrinkles.

Gentleman's Facial   60 minutes $80  
Relax on our table and come out refreshed.  Includes Skin Analysis, Cleansing,  
Exfoliation, Facial Massage, Extractions (if needed), Mask and Moisturizer.   We
recommend one facial every 4 weeks to help keep your skin youthful and in perfection!     

Spa Facial with Peel    75 minutes  $145
*        Anti-wrinkle for aging skin with Glycolic and Retinol
*        Anti-Acne for oily/acne skin with Salicylic and Glycolic
*        Lightening Peel – for all levels of pigmentation and Rosacea – with Lactic and Kojic
*        Revitalizing Peel – for tired, dull skin, and/or Rosacea – with Vitamin C and Enzyme.

PEELS without facial  Series of 3  $210  Must use all 3 sessions within 6 months
Recommendation:  1 peel per week for 6 weeks ...  see the difference!  

The MAX Stem Cell Facial  90 minutes $145    Experience the most advanced anti-aging
treatment that has a "Botox-like Effect".  Vectorize technology envelops skin with time
released ingredients that offer effective proven results.  Argireline provides the botox-like
inhibition of muscle contraction, relaxing muscles of facial expression.  Fine lines and
wrinkles are plumped with peptides and plant derived stem cells which work in unison to
rejuvenate aging skin.  This facial restores hydration levels and dry, aging skin will regain
a more youthful appearance in just one treatment.  

High Frequency Facial  60 minutes $112  This High Frequency facial is used to help
treat & prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles, decongest puffy eyes, fade dark eye circles and even rejuvenate the
condition of the scalp for improved hair growth.  This skin treatment also stimulates cell
renewal and helps increase product penetration.

Oxygen Lift O2 Facial  75 minutes $145    Exfoliate, Illuminate, Oxygenate, Rejuvenate!    
A revolutionary new treatment that infuses oxygen, plant stem cells, peptides, and
enzymatic botanicals into your skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated.   
Calming and soothing, even for the most sensitive skin types (like rosacea).   This facial
starts with  papaya and pineapple enzymes to peel and exfoliate the surface of your skin,
followed by a  cutting edge effervescent O2 mask to oxygenate your skin at the cellular
level, and completes with plant stem cells to plump up your skin, leaving it refreshed and

Signature Face Lift  "Instant gratification"   60 minutes  $120
Relax with this gentle yet highly effective facial utilizing enzymes that focus on cellular
turnover to help brighten, tighten, and lighten skin with visible results in just one
treatment.   Includes Vitamin C, and glycolic acid.  Suitable for all skin types including
rosacea, dry/dehydrated skin, and post surgery.  This facial is even safe for pregnant

Anti-Aging Facial with Peel    75 minutes     $145
Find the fountain of youth with our anti-aging facial utilizing powerful Vitamin C enzme,
apple stem-cell and peptide technology and recognize all the benefits of more youthful

Anti-Aging Clinical Facial featuring “THE MAX”     60 minutes     $99
Are you concerned with facial aging? Fine lines? Wrinkles and sun damage?  Address
them all with this advanced clinical facial with multi-layered technology of neuropeptides
and stem cells.  Fight free radicals and repair cell damage with this facial while plumping
your skin with correction, prevention, and nutrition.

MD POWER Facial    60 minutes $150   
The latest and greatest from Image SkinCare.    Provides the most powerful punch to
lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.  The MD Line provides the most highly
concentrated blend of retinol, glycolic acid and Vitamin C to resurface, rejuvenate and
repair your skin, leaving your skin looking youthful, refreshed and radiant.

Teen High Frequency Treatment for Acne   25 minutes   $40
A timeless and essential facial technology helps to eliminate and prevent acne, shrink
enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite.

Teen Facial  60 minutes   $75
Designed to specifically address issues frequently associated with teen skin.  Discover
your skin type, develop guidelines that work for you, and go home with the confidence you’
ve always wanted in how to care best for your skin.

Acne Lift Peel for Teens  30 minutes   $70.
Acne Lift Peel for Teens with Facial   75 minutes   $145
Acne lift peel is fabulous to lift acne and resurface the skin.   

Acne Back Facial         60 minutes   $80  
Renew, refresh and restore your skin.  Exfoliation helps to remove impurities and re-
balance the skin.   Includes high frequency treatment that stimulates cells beneath the
skin and helps to reduce fine lines.  Helps with sun damaged and acne prone skin.  
Includes mask.

Face & Back Facial      90 minutes   $130   
A customized treatment combining our Signature Facial with our Acne Back Facial.  

We feature IMAGE Skincare Products.
Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin.  To maintain and improve skin health, an effective,
professional pharmaceutical skincare regime is essential.  Over-the-counter products only
treat skin's surface layer.  Optimal skin health is achieved by reaching live tissue.  Our
products work at the cellular level to diminish fine lines, fade sun damage, increase
hydration and stimulate cellular turnover for more youthful looking skin.  Stimulate, nourish
and protect your skin with IMAGE Skincare products.    

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