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Neck and back pain?  You're not alone.  We frequently help clients with such aches.  Back pain is so common that
around 85% of us will experience it.  Many of us know just how life changing this fight can be.  Every movement your
body makes depends on your back and spine functioning properly.  Still, the ways we identify pain isn't always so
clear.  Sometimes one powerful injury causes serious discomfort, but it's also common to find repetitive activities
subtly damaging our bodies and accumulating into a significant injury.  It's also common to find a body in pain that
compensates other areas causing secondary problems.

Back pains can make daily routines unbearable and ironically those same daily routines can be the cause for back
pain. What common culprits may be hurting you?

-Hunching over a computer            -Poor posture
-Driving                                               -Sleeping on an old mattress
-Stress                                                -Wearing high heals (3+ inches)
-Overexertion                                     -A heavy backpack, purse, or wallet
-Lack of exercise                              -Excess fat                        
-Dental braces                                 -Pregnancy

Were you expecting a list of easily avoidable activities?  We keep that list next to the one listing single solutions to
chase back pain away.  Our bodies require good health to survive but living itself can chafe at our life quality.  
Fortunately, massage therapy holds a well earned and reputable name with back and neck alleviation.  And it is less
expensive and less invasive than other treatments.

At Jupiter Farms Massage, we work to find the original physical sources of discomfort and then we work on their
releases.  We find the natural treatment of specialized massage therapy offers successful and long lasting results.  
Massages shouldn't stop working after your 60 or 90 minutes are up, they should continue to heal you.  You should
immediately notice less stress, a better quality sleep, a stronger posture, and more range of motion.  Part of this
results from how massages tap into your parasympathetic system and release the good hormones, helping you rest
soundly when asleep and at maximum functioning when awake.  As a result, your chances for depression and
anxiety decrease.  This reduces your chances for reoccurring back pain and helps you better handle your busy daily

Relief from massage therapy varies with body conditions and frequency of sessions.  Once your pain is managed,
your body will know when it's time to get a massage again.  Our spine does more than hold us together, it connects
our entire body and it's crucial that we treat it right.  A healthy back and a happy body is invaluable, enjoyable, and
simple to upkeep.  Regular massages build on themselves and provide the greatest relief on a continual basis.  (See
our 'Massage Memberships' to ensure the lowest prices on your recurring service).

Another step to a stronger back is strengthening your stomach.  Check out our yoga studio and experience how
firming your stomach muscles supports a stronger spine, better posture, and a healthier lifestyle.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
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